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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the Worlds first decentralized digital currency. To keep it simple it works just like cash in digital form. You can spend it to buy goods and services, trade it for other currencys, or send it to your friends and anyone in the World.

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Commodity Merchant Louis Dreyfus Trials Blockchain for Soybean Trade

Published: 2018-01-22 | Source: CoinDesk

Louis Dreyfus, a major commodities trading company, has announced that it has piloted a blockchain-based transaction system developed by a group of financial institutions including ING.

China Moves to Crack Down on Digital Currency Pyramid Schemes

Published: 2018-01-22 | Source: CoinDesk

China's public security ministry says it will take aim at pyramid schemes in the country, including those that purportedly involve cryptocurrencies.

Canadian Research Body Pilots Ethereum in Transparency Push

Published: 2018-01-22 | Source: CoinDesk

The National Research Council of Canada is trialing the ethereum blockchain for recording government contracts.

Huobi Is Launching a Token, But It's 'Not an ICO'

Published: 2018-01-22 | Source: CoinDesk

China-based crypto exchange Huobi has announced that it will issue its own token based on the ethereum ERC-20 standard.

What a Facebook Blockchain Token Might Look Like

Published: 2018-01-22 | Source: CoinDesk

If Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg really wants to experiment with decentralized systems, a publicly issued crypto-token would be hell of a way to do it.

Bitcoin Defends $11,000 Mark and Eyes Move Higher

Published: 2018-01-22 | Source: CoinDesk

Bitcoin is stuck in a narrow range currently, but a breakout may lie ahead, the price charts indicate.