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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the Worlds first decentralized digital currency. To keep it simple it works just like cash in digital form. You can spend it to buy goods and services, trade it for other currencys, or send it to your friends and anyone in the World.

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Russia’s Largest Darknet Market Is Hawking an ICO to Fund Global Expansion

Published: 2019-12-12 | Source: CoinDesk

Here’s one token sale that’s almost certainly illegal, and not just under securities laws.

PODCAST: Introducing ’The Breakdown’ With Nathaniel Whittemore

Published: 2019-12-12 | Source: CoinDesk

In the debut episode, Nathaniel discusses recent regulatory action, DeFi project on bitcoin, and a new social media protocol initiative from Twitter.

Crypto Custody Firm Trustology Cuts Staff as Banks Delay on Digital Assets

Published: 2019-12-12 | Source: CoinDesk

Digital asset custody firm Trustology has cut seven of its 18 staffers as the big banks it courted are taking longer than expected to jump into crypto.

Mining Giant Glencore to Trace Cobalt Using ‘Responsible Sourcing’ Blockchain Consortium

Published: 2019-12-12 | Source: CoinDesk

Glencore, one of the world’s largest cobalt producers, will use a Hyperledger Fabric blockchain to responsibly source its supply chain.

Kraken Job Ad Hints at Plan to Build Special-Purpose Wyoming Bank

Published: 2019-12-12 | Source: CoinDesk

The cryptocurrency exchange has opened up a position for someone to oversee operations for the firm’s future Wyoming SPDI bank charter.

Development Group: Southeast Asian Consumers Too Bullish on Crypto?

Published: 2019-12-12 | Source: CoinDesk

Many southeast Asians consumers are interested in establishing or increasing their crypto investments, according to the OECD, but also admit to not really understanding them.