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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the Worlds first decentralized digital currency. To keep it simple it works just like cash in digital form. You can spend it to buy goods and services, trade it for other currencys, or send it to your friends and anyone in the World.

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Internet Cafes Hacked to Mine $800,000 in Siacoin Cryptocurrency

Published: 2018-06-19 | Source: CoinDesk

A group of hackers have allegedly colluded with computer maintenance firms in China to hack into computers owned by internet cafes to mine cryptos.

One Mathematician's Mission to Boost Bitcoin's Privacy (And Soon)

Published: 2018-06-19 | Source: CoinDesk

Blockstream researcher Andrew Poelstra's efforts to create a more private bitcoin aren't about extremes, but about protecting the everyman.

UBS CEO: Blockchain Is 'Almost a Must' for Business

Published: 2018-06-19 | Source: CoinDesk

The CEO of UBS Group AG endorsed blockchain technology in an interview, suggesting that it is "almost a must" for business.

Cold Reception? Crypto Critics Ignite After EOS Blockchain 'Freeze'

Published: 2018-06-18 | Source: CoinDesk

Over the weekend, transactions on the live EOS blockchain came to a complete – yet temporary – halt. 

This Japanese Village Is Planning Its Own ICO

Published: 2018-06-18 | Source: CoinDesk

A Japanese village is launching the country's first Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on the municipal level.

US Ethics Office: Government Officials Must Disclose Crypto Holdings

Published: 2018-06-18 | Source: CoinDesk

Those working for the executive branch of the U.S. government must disclose their cryptocurrency holdings, ethics officials said Monday.