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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the Worlds first decentralized digital currency. To keep it simple it works just like cash in digital form. You can spend it to buy goods and services, trade it for other currencys, or send it to your friends and anyone in the World.

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How the US Can Establish Itself as a Crypto Leader

Published: 2022-05-27 | Source: CoinDesk

The UST debacle has highlighted the need for thoughtful policy on stablecoins and beyond. U.S. regulators have a rare opportunity.

No, the UK Is Not Going to Make USDC and USDT Legal Tender

Published: 2022-05-27 | Source: CoinDesk

Recent news that the government would legalize stablecoins is a qualified welcome for a GBP-pegged token from a trusted UK issuer.

Thoughts From Davos

Published: 2022-05-27 | Source: CoinDesk

Former Bank of England Governor Mark Carney ditched me for Bridgewater Associates founder Ray Dalio as European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde walked past in the Congress Centre at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland. And somehow that was only the second-most surreal thing to happen to me this week.

Bitso, primer unicornio cripto de América Latina, despide a 80 empleados

Published: 2022-05-27 | Source: CoinDesk

La compañía, que tenía más de 700 empleados antes de los recortes, cuenta con cuatro millones de usuarios en la región.

Crypto's One Unassailable Use Case: Helping Human Rights Activists

Published: 2022-05-27 | Source: CoinDesk

The Oslo Freedom Forum was heavy on bitcoin and stablecoin discussions, underscoring that this technology is a tool for political dissidents, not just a get-rich-quick scheme.

Who Are We in the Metaverse, and How Do We Prove It?

Published: 2022-05-27 | Source: CoinDesk